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A child or teen who returns to school following the death of a significant loved one is faced with many obstacles.  One six year old child went to see the  school counselor every day sobbing so deeply from the depths of her being that her body shook.  Others hide their pain.  There are some things you can do and say to help children who are faced with deep loss and pain. 

This website offers support to you through the information to the right.  The online course, Navigating Children's Grief, provides comprehensive basic information on understanding and communicating with grieving children.

Peer support groups can make a big difference.  The six year old mentioned above attended a school support group run by the counselor.  After a few weeks, the sobbing stopped and she began to speak with confidence about her experiences of profound loss.

We know firsthand the challenges of offering support groups in schools.  You are pressed for time.  Teachers may be reluctant for a child to miss important lessons. Getting permission from parents can be time-consuming and difficult.  However, seeing children and teens cope better, and improve behavior and grades is rewarding!

CGEA offers a user-friendly, simple psychoeducational support group curriculum at a low cost.  We also provide phone support as you work with groups using our curriculum.  COMPASS GROUP CURRICULUM

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Grieving children may feel different from other students.

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